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Dowry of Mary Week

December 4th-9th at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church, Blackfen

Praying Holy Hours throughout the week, with talks from some of England’s most passionate Catholics, the Dowry of Mary Week seeks out to inspire Catholics to renew their own Faith as well as to reclaim England as Mary’s own. Speakers will discuss their own personal conversions to Catholicism, as well as the historical circumstances that surrounded the great fissure in Christianity.

Each night’s event will begin at 7:30 with a Holy Hour followed by a conference from one of our speakers. On Saturday, there will be the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass at 10:30 followed by a Holy Hour and a concluding lunch. All are welcome!

Dec. 4th – Cyprian Blarimes: My Personal Path to Rome
Dec. 5th – Fr. Richard Whinder: Pre-Reformation England
Dec. 6th – Deacon John Greenwood: My Personal Path to Rome
Dec. 7th – Fr. Tim Finigan: The English Martyrs
Dec. 8th – Joanna Bogle: Continuity, England’s Catholic Heritage
Dec. 9th – Holy Mass followed by a concluding lunch

Sponsored by Continuity – Miles Jesu – Path to Rome

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