News items added on Monday, July 04, 2011

Times for confession

Currently, Confessions are heard after the 10.30am Mass on Saturday morning and from 5 to 5.30pm on Saturday evening. (I am also happy to hear confessions after the weekday morning Masses or any other reasonable time on request.)

I am considering changing the times for confessions. Few people come at 5pm on Saturday and I would like to suggest cancelling this time and having confessions on Thursday evening after Benediction instead (similar to the arrangement in Lent when confessions are available after Friday Stations.)

This change would also make it slightly easier for me to attend apostolic events arranged by lay people on Saturdays by obviating the need to enlist a supply priest for confessions in the afternoon.

The Saturday morning time for confessions would remain as it is.
If you have any views on this proposed change, please let me know either personally or in writing. The email address is