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Receiving Holy Communion: a reminder of Catholic practice

We should be in a state of grace to receive Holy Communion. Anyone who is conscious of grave (mortal) sin may not receive Holy Communion without first having been to confession. We must abstain from food and drink (with the exception of water) for at least one hour before receiving Holy Communion.

Those who are married outside the Church or are living together as a couple without being married, may not receive Holy Communion. They should make a spiritual communion at Mass and seek any way that there may be to rectify the situation.

A person who has received Holy Communion may receive it again on the same day, provided that, on the second occasion, they have attended Mass.

Catholics are not permitted to receive Holy Communion at a non-Catholic service (even if invited) but may take part in any prayers that are not contrary to Catholic faith.

We should prepare prayerfully for Holy Communion and spend some time in thanksgiving afterwards. Holy Communion should always be received with reverence and care.