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Arise Once More - Reviving Catholic Britain

St Anthony Communications have produced a DVD called "Arise Once More" to offer an encouraging and hopeful look at Catholicism in Britain today and to encourage Catholics to revive the faith by their example, teaching and witness.

The film gives a summary of the history of Catholicism in Britain, beginning with St Alban and the beginning of Christianity in these isles, following the great cultural, artistic and educational achievements of the middle ages, looking at the tragedy of the Reformation, and the Second Spring which brought new life to the Church. The last section of the film focusses on the need for a revival of Catholic life and the steps necessary to achieve it. I have just watched the film through and I think it is an excellent resource for parishes, offering an upbeat response to the dismal secularist propaganda about the Catholic Church that can be discouraging to ordinary Catholics.

The commentary is provided by James and Joanna Bogle, Fr Marcus Holden, Fr Andrew Pinsent, Fr Thomas Crean, Fr Nicholas Schofield, Fr Brian Harrison, and Sister Mary of the Trinity.

St Anthony Communications are arranging a series of public screenings next weekend, with one at Blackfen on Saturday evening.

The DVD will be shown in the Small Hall at 7.15pm (Sat 28 November). There will be light refreshments available in the Hall after the 6pm Mass.
The running time of the film is 33 minutes.

Here is the link to order a copy of "Arise Once More" online.

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