News items added on Saturday, November 15, 2008

Family Evening at Chislehurst

There will be a Family Evening at Chislehurst on Friday 28th November. After the 7.30pm Mass at St Mary’s, Chislehurst (Crown Lane, BR7 5PL) we will meet together in the parish room for a talk by Josephine and Adrian Treloar on “Miracles and Lourdes: a medical view.”

The talk will be suitable for all from parents down to the little ones. The very little ones are fully welcome to just be there anyway. Most importantly we will met up with other families and share our faith and friendship. All are invited.
(The 7.30pm Mass at Chislehurst is the Traditional Latin Mass. Many will like this and some will be quite happy, but if you prefer not to come to the Mass that’s fine; just come along at 8pm.)

You can see one of the cases that we will be presented at The Faith, The Family, The Future website. (Click on the “publications” button.)

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